How to contact Sonarworks Support

Submit a request from any article

To submit a support request from an article:

  1. Navigate to any article in the Help Center
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the article
  3. Click on the "Submit a request" option in the green banner


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I am having this problem with Sound Reference ID

CoreAudio driver went missing

This error message was introduced in the SoundID Reference standalone app since version 5.7.3 to signal a failure to communicate with CoreAudio for various reasons and conditions. Our developers have included a button directly in the error message to offer a quick resolution. 


Hi Otis McDowell, thanks for reaching out, sorry for missing your comment earlier.

We have a support guide on the “CoreAudio driver went missing” error message in SoundID Reference support center here: [MAC] "CoreAudio driver went missing" error. It includes tips for what to try when this error appears. Please make sure to give those a try. 

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