Mac app stopped working, no headphone profiles


App for mac doesn't actually work anymore. All my old headphone presets disappeared, when I'm trying to add new one - I see the list of headphone models, when I select mine - "Are these your headphones?" pages gets opened, it starts loading headphone picture but it never loads. If i press ' these are my headphones' anyway, it brings me back to the main screen with empty 'Your headphones' section 



Hi Alex Polyakov, thanks for your post, sorry to hear you are encountering an issue!

Can you let us know if you set up your SoundID account on an iOS or Android device initially?

I will also open up a support request on your behalf, so we can gather some further details. 


I've been having the exact same issue but on Windows 10 - I have already been in contact with support and have a chain going with them. But just want to echo this as an issue that popped up fairly recently. 


This issue has been reported to our team for further investigation - at the moment we don't have an ETA for the fix though. 

If anyone else is encountering this issue, please feel free to also submit a ticket to our support team: Submit a request


SAme on Android as of today.

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