Actual Customized Sound of my headphones through my ear.


I create an A/B Profile and do the hearing test, after that I did manual tweaking with the EQ.So my question is does sound ID apply that custom EQ  according to my hearing test +A/B results?I want my EQ profile like first my hearing test and A/B then applying flat or custom whatever you say. The hearing test +A/B measures what my ear measures with my particular iem.After all those compensation then I want to apply EQ so it will sound exactly what I intend to be.

I hope you guys have understood my question ie. Confusion.

Great App. 



Hi Imaginer, thanks for reaching out! 

The CustomEQ option offers selecting the preset you want to build upon/tweak using the custom EQ features, see screenshots below:

1. This shows the current preset you are working with. By clicking on this dropdown, you can change the preset.

2. Here you can change the preset you want to tweak further or create a new preset. If you select the “A/B Sound comparison” preset, editing it means you are adjusting the test results. 


Let us know if you have any further questions!


Okay I understood. Thanks for the explanation and clearing confusion.
A suggestion:
Some of the headphone model are not on the list so for them  it would be helpful If you guys add export file with a specific format.It would be helpful if the format same as wavelet txt files.
And If there is dot on the option and
1.A/B results ⭕

2.Hearing test results ⭕

3.Your custom EQ ⭕

So People,I can select as a chain EQ.

I hope it would be very efficient.

Great work guys.I am just nitpicking.


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