I need a prior version immediately before 5.0.2 (Build 167)


How to get a prior version of SoundID? 5.0.2 (Build 167) Systemwide does not work on my system. Website link to earlier versions is worthless.



Hi Lee,

Thanks for submitting a post, and apologies for the belated attendance to this from our end! 

Sorry to hear you were encountering some trouble with SoundID Reference v5.0.2.! If you haven't yet, please update to our latest version by downloading the installer from here. The performance of the app should be improved as we've implemented a lot of fixes over the last few updates.

At the moment, an offline installer for older versions is not available, but this is a request we've received from other users, so, hopefully, we can add it in the future.


When will we get an update for Windows 11? I just purchased and cannot even install and use. No offline activation either. Please help, I need this as soon as possible.


Hi Cameron,

So sorry to hear about that! We are planning on an Windows 11 compatibility update release during February (although some delay might occur). I recommend checking in with our article regarding Windows 11 support for further updates: SoundID Reference compatibility with Windows 11 


HI! I'm having a lot of CPU spikes since 5.3. It rendered SoundID useless in my system, that was working perfectly before updating it. I wish I could downgrade it too or I'll wil have to go back to Reference4!! Plese help. Thank you.



Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your comment, sorry to hear there is some issue with the 5.3. update.

If the CPU spikes are occurring with the plugin in your DAW on an M1 machine, we have resolved this issue with the 5.3.1 update released last week (although a problem still may be noticed in Cubase 12, but we're working on resolving it as well). Please take a look at our support guide on the plugin CPU spikes here (it also includes instructions for the reverting to v5.2): CPU spikes and audio issues with DAW plugin on M-series Macs [MAC]

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