Bug - "Launch on startup" not working in Windows 11


This is more of a bug report than a feature request. I have “Launch on startup” enabled in the SoundID settings, but it doesn't start when Windows starts.

- Windows 11
- SoundID 5.10.0 (Build 54 #5453770) (64-bit)

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Hi martin.lande, thanks for reaching, sorry to hear there is some trouble encountered.

Before we proceed further, could you please check whether deleting the SoundID Reference standalone app's configuration file makes any difference with this issue? Follow the steps in this guide: Deleting the config files in the standalone app This will reset the app to its default settings.

I also wanted to invite you to use the SoundID Reference dedicated community here: SoundID Reference Community Page (this helps with keeping the Community posts separate for each of the Sonarworks products). 

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