Add 'Reset playback engine' option in menu bar



I use an external AD/DA on a Mac and sometimes the sound would be distorted, especially if the audio device was off during the computer's booting or sleep cycle.

To fix this, I have to open 'SoundID Reference', go to 'Device settings' and click on 'Reset playback engine' (which does not offer any UI feedback by the way). It happens often enough for all those steps to become a nuisance.

It would be much more convenient for me if there was a 'Reset playback engine' option when I click on the icon in the menu bar.






Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post, and our apologies for the belated attention to it! 

Sorry to hear you are encountering some issue with the audio after booting up your computer, this definitely does not sound expected. I have created a ticket with you to gather more information and so that we can investigate this closer. 

As for having the "Restart playback engine" option in the menu or tray icon - I can certainly see the benefit of having it more easily accessible there. I have passed along your feedback to our team for further consideration. Thank you! 


I would like to upvote the idea for adding the "Restart playback engine" option in the menu or tray icon. Currently, the Sound ID Reference virtual audio device disappears from the list of interfaces displayed in the Mac OS Audio MIDI Setup utility whenever I attach an additional audio interface (which is used as a DC-coupled interface and is not managed by SIDR). Restarting SIDR or just the playback engine both correct the issue, so it would definitely be useful to have the option in the tray icon. Please revisit. 




It would be helpful if there was a MIDI addressable "Restart PLayback engine" option, as this needs to be reset so often.

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