Sound ID for Avid MTRX Studio?


Heard from  Anubis and Sound ID....there will be a support for Avid MTRX Studio/MTRX?

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Hi Marcellus,

Thanks for your post!

We hope to add more product integrations in the future, so thank you for sharing your request with us! If there is a product you wish to be integrated with SoundID Reference, you can help us out by mentioning SoundID Reference directly to the manufacturer as well. 

Update: we have launched an integration between SoundID Reference and AVID MTRX Studio, which means that you can now export your calibration profiles and import the calibration data to your AVID MTRX Studio. For more details, see our guide here: Exporting a calibration profile for Avid MTRX Studio

For more integrations and partnerships, see our page here: Integrations

Best regards,

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