Can't Run SoundID Installer on Mac 10.13 High Sierra


When running the dmg I get the following error: 


"Something went wrong but we don't know what. Please try again later".


Tested on a friend's newer Mac and it installs fine.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Sorry to hear you are encountering an issue! I can recommend checking out our guide for installation issues on Mac: SoundID Reference installation issues on macOS (the article does refer to our SoundID Reference product, but the suggestions mentioned are applicable to SoundID Listen).
In addition, consider checking your firewall and antivirus settings to make sure the application is not being blocked or blacklisted. You can also check the hosts directory on your machine and delete any Sonarworks domains that are listed (access it via: Finder > Go > Go to Folder: /private/etc/hosts) and attempt running the installation again. Hopefully this helps with getting the app installed! 

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