SoundID Listen on Mac "unable to approve changes."


Hello all, there seems to be a problem with the SoundID Listen Beta app for Mac. After installing the app itself, when I log in I will get a pop-up message prompting me to approve changes to install the virtual sound driver. However, when I enter my password after that and try to install the virtual sound driver, SoundID shows a message that says the following:

There is also no virtual audio driver present in my system settings after I entered my password: 

My Mac is the following model:
M1 Macbook Air 16GB/256GB (2020 model) and is running on MacOS Monterey 12.4 (latest update.) I'd love for this issue to be resolved, because SoundID sounded amazing on my Windows desktop where installing the app did work!

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Thanks for reaching out!

SoundID Listen is not currently supported on macOS 12 or M1 machines, this is why there may be some trouble with installing it on your system. I'm afraid we also don't have details to share on when the app may get compatibility updates. For more details, see our statement here: macOS 12 Monterey compatibility with SoundID Listen

My apologies for any inconvenience created. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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