SoundID Reference not happy with Analog Heat Mk II


8 days to go on my trial and all was good - I was happy with SoundID Reference using my Beyer Dynamic Headphones.  I'm running a PC with Win 10 and using a Behringer X32 Producer as my audio interface.  Purchased an Elektron Analog Heat which can operate as an audio interface (working) and VST plugin (working) but SoundID does not work with either modes of the Analog Heat.  The SoundID program works but there is no input or output activity on the program in/out meters and activating or de-activating Configuration makes no discernable difference to the sound output.  Closing the Elektron engine (required for the Analog Heat to work on a DAW) results in the SoundID working as normal again.  It would be great to have the two work together so that I can mix on headphones while either using the Analog Heat as either a VST plugin or an audio interface.

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your post, apologies for the belated attention to it.

Could I please ask you to add this post in our SoundID Reference community section here? This will help keep the topics related to the specific product. Thank you in advance! 

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