There are so many other companies in sound personalization space. What makes you special?

Why SoundID?

With SoundID we are liberating the sound by creating it as your personal asset. Your SoundID profile is stored in the cloud and can be used to connect to different SoundID enabled devices much like your Apple ID login. Moreover, SoundID represents a paradigm shift in audio quality, moving away from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to personalizing sound for everyone as an individual based on three layers.


How does it work?

With a three-layer approach to identify your unique SoundID - based on your headphones (calibrating each headphone to deliver sound the way an artist intended in the studio), your unique hearing ability, and your listening preferences - it offers an unmatched level of personalization.

  1. Headphone calibration based on Sonarworks technology, already used in 45'000 recording studios worldwide).
  2. Hearing test to take your individual hearing nuances into account when creating your personalized sound profile.
  3. Preference test based on machine-learning and smart algorithms, which will also improve over time. 
  4. Transferability. Our patented technology will deliver individually perfected sound to everyone across a wide variety of playback devices and services - your personalized sound will translate effortlessly across different playback platforms.

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