What defines the SoundID experience?

The SoundID experience involves unique headphone profiles and personalization to create a signature experience for music listeners.


Setting up your SoundID sound profile includes:

  • Headphone selection - Load your headphone audio profile
  • A/B sound comparison and hearing balance assessment - Create your SoundID profile by completing quick sound preference and hearing tests
  • Custom EQ - Make manual improvements with dedicated controls for frequency, gain, and bandwidth (Q)


Headphone audio profile

What is a headphone profile and why is it unique? A headphone audio profile is loaded by the SoundID app when we're selecting our headphones from the supported headphones list in the SoundID app. Sonarworks Audio Team measures and works on multiple headphone profiles to create a unified profile for each supported model. Each headphone model and each unit has its specific way of how they sound. This can be measured and represented with frequency response. It's a characteristic that describes for example how much bass or treble certain headphones have:


1MORE Tripple Driver (E1001) Frequency Response curve



Apple Earpods Frequency Response curve



How is this any different from the competitors?

Sonarworks owns a patented measurement and calibration technology. This way, we can provide consistency and an amazing listening experience with our headphone audio profiles.

SoundID signature experience

Now that your headphones sound amazing, the SoundID app offers a variety of customizations to make the listening experience unique and truly signature. The A/B sound comparison test can identify and offer a correction based on your preferences in sound. At any given moment, a SoundID profile can be tweaked or created from scratch in the Parametric Equalizer to give it a unique feel. We have included our Studio Reference preset to experience the music as you would in the Studio Control Room - clear, crisp, and as intended by your favorite artists. SoundID profiles translate perfectly across all the supported headphones due to the sound transferability feature that will ensure that your experience is matched.





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