My app does not work with SoundID

If you're encountering an issue with your music or streaming app not being processed by SoundID, this guide provides suggestions for resolving the problem.


Will SoundID work with my app?

SoundID works with almost all apps that process sound - music and streaming apps as well as podcast, video and social apps.


If I have other similar apps that equalize sound - can I use SoundID together with them?

Unfortunately, you can't. The equalization apps are incompatible with each other and if you want to use SoundID you will need to uninstall all the other apps and restart your device before launching SoundID.

Will SoundID work if I leave it in the background?

Yes, it will, and in order to experience smooth behavior, please turn off the battery optimizations for the SoundID app in your device settings. Some battery-saving apps or optimization services will stop apps from working in the background, therefore, you need to make sure SoundID is not listed as it might affect app behavior.


  1. Go to the Settings app, then tap on the Battery category of setting
  2. Access the App launch settings
  3. From the list of apps find SoundID and tap on the toggle
  4. Keep all three toggles on for Auto-launch, Secondary
  5. Launch, Run in the background, OK









  1. Go to the Settings app, then tap on Device care
  2. Select Battery
  3. App power management - Apps that won't be put to sleep
  4. Add Apps, select SoundID, and tap Add







If you have a battery-saving rule applied on your device when the battery percentage is low, please be aware, that this may affect SoundID working in the background as the battery optimization app will try to close apps running in the background to save some battery life. 



Why is the output volume lower when I listen to music with SoundID?

Yes, you will notice an output volume difference when using SoundID. This should not be considered as an issue more information on this topic can be found at Is SoundID output volume lower? article.



I have set up everything but the notification still shows as "Not Active"? 

Make sure you are logged into your account (if you use an anonymous account make sure you have not reset that) or have started the Preference or Hearing tests or left open EQ inside the SoundID app. If you have, please log back in or return to the SoundID main screen.

On/Off functionality is not working in SoundID notification?

Switching between tracks back and forth in the desired music app might help. If it doesn't help, press the stop button in your player, and wait for a couple of seconds, then press play. 

If this didn't solve the issue, please try to completely close both SoundID and the music app (if the music app is still playing or showing song info in the system notification - force stop it), clear the cache and data for the SoundID app from Android settings and then re-open them and try the steps above again (be sure to open SoundID first before the music app, the order of opening apps is important).


SoundID was working but then suddenly I couldn't use it on my music anymore, the notification won't show up?

  1. Close all music apps and the SoundID app
  2. Clear SoundID cache and data from Android Settings
  3. Re-open SoundID and log in with the same user account as before
  4. Open the desired music app and play your content
  5. SoundID notification should appear and inform you about an active audio session

If the steps above did not make any difference, please reboot your device.


Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

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