Firmware update process for DROP TWS1X and grell TWS/1

This article provides information on the firmware update process for your DROP TWS1X and grell TWS/1 headphones.

In this article:

  1. Firmware update process
  2. Troubleshooting steps
    1. iOS specific troubleshooting steps
    2. Android specific troubleshooting steps
  3. Firmware update completed with issues present


Firmware update process


  1. Once you connect your headphones to the app a firmware update is offered. It is mandatory to do the firmware update in order to unlock SoundID functionality.
  2. Select “Update now” in order to start the FirmWare update.
  3. You will see to which firmware version your earbuds are updating to
  4. For iOS devices additional “Bluetooth pairing request” pop-up will be shown. Please select “Pair”
  5. The firmware update has various stages - Initiating, Downloading, Updating, % stage, Validating, rebooting, connecting
  6. “Updating” and “Validating” stages take the longest. Don't be surprised or worried if this stage is up to a minute or two. “Initiating” and “Downloading” phase also relies on your connection speed.
  7. Overall the firmware update takes about 5 minutes on Android and a bit longer on iOS
  8. After the update headphones should automatically connect back to the phone.


Troubleshooting steps

 If you notice the firmware update has stuck ( loading icon is stuck) or if it fails without a guiding error message:

  1. Make sure that before the FW update is initiated, earbuds must be connected to your mobile device's Bluetooth service. Needs to be done on iOS or Android via phone settings/Bluetooth menu. Establishing a connection only in the SoundID app may result in an issue
  2. Make sure that earbuds have at least 50% battery charge
  3. Use private WiFi, not public WiFi or cellular data if possible (limit chances for interference or lost signal)
  4. Make sure both earbuds are connected (Both earbuds transmit audio/play music)
  5. Use the SoundID app, run the firmware updater.


iOS-specific troubleshooting steps:

  •  When first installing the SoundID app on an iPhone make sure to allow SoundID to use the phone Bluetooth service.
  • For iOS devices additional “Bluetooth pairing request” pop-up will be shown. You must select “Pair”. If you have missed the system pop-up or it was not shown (for example, you had to close the app at the moment) or you have selected “cancel” by accident then close and quit the SoundID app, unpair earbuds from the system settings and then again pair the earbuds to your phone and open SoundID app. You must accept additional pairing request within 60 seconds after pairing to a device in Bluetooth settings. It's something that SoundID has no control over, it is a security feature in the firmware
  •  SoundID mobile app needs to be open while the Firmware update is in progress. If the app is minimized it will stop the progress. If the app is minimized for a longer period of time you will have to restart the update.
  • iOS devices can't go to sleep while the Firmware update is in progress. While the phone is in sleep mode (screen shuts off) progress is not happening and if the device is in sleep mode for a longer period of time you will have to restart the update. 


Android-specific troubleshooting steps:

  • Location / GPS service needs to be enabled
  •  When first installing the SoundID app on an Android make sure to allow SoundID to use location service. This will allow the application to see your connected/supported Bluetooth devices. SoundID application does not use Location/GPS services for other purposes.
  • We recommend that you actually play some audio through headphones before starting the firmware update.


The firmware update was completed, but the headphones are not connected back to the device, and/or app or some app features are not working properly

After firmware update, earbuds should connect back to the phone and the app automatically but on some devices, user interaction is needed:

  1. Go to your device's Bluetooth settings and check if the headphones show up as connected. We recommend that you tap on the earbuds to re-establish a connection
  2. Close, quit, and re-open the SoundID app
  3.  If the first 2 steps do not solve the issue simply unpair the headphones from your device in use, place the earbuds in the charging box, wait for a couple of minutes, and pair the headphones to the device again



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