mobile App - live freq analyzer in EQ setting


it would help to have a live frequency spectrum display of the played sound.

This way it would be easyer to identify frequencies that pop out and has to be adjusted.



Hi kusch.stefan, thanks for your feature request! (Very sorry about the delayed response to this post!)

At the moment, such a feature is not planned for SoundID, but we'll take note of it, thanks for sharing!


to emphasize this need just imagine that I hear mostly classical music and know some cues very well.

I can not relate to the music currently used in the A/B Tests.

Maybe it could be achived if you just pass-through the music I play on my preferred music app and let the EQ automation run on top of it. This way I can loop my music and hear the "new" sound right away. I already do this workflow with the custom EQ setting


Great idea! This would definitely help the application have a wider appeal to a  more diverse music listening audience.

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