Getting started with SoundID

If you're new to SoundID, this article will guide you through the initial steps and outline some of the features to enhance your SoundID experience. 

In this article:

  1. Download SoundID, create an account & set up your SoundID
  2. Select your headphones
  3. Personalized sounds tests
  4. CustomEQ
  5. Additional device setup




Download SoundID, create an account & set up your SoundID


To get started with SoundID:

  1. Download the SoundID app from Google Play or the App Store;
  2. Create an account using your Facebook or Google logins, or continue with your email address (you can skip registration and continue as a guest user);
  3. Select your headphone type to set up your sound profile;
  4. Continue personalizing your sound profile to enhance your listening experience

NOTE! iOS version of the SoundID app can be used with enabled devices only.




hp selection.gif

Select your headphones

The SoundID app supports over 350 headphone models. To find your headphones:

  1. Go to the Devices tab
  2. Click on the headphone icon or on the image
  3. Click on the + Add button in the top right corner
  4. Search for the brand and model of the headphones you use

In case your model is not present in the supported headphones list, tap on the + Add manually button in the top right corner to select one of our generic profiles. Since the brand/model you've been looking for was not found, you can submit a model request from within the app.







Personalized sounds tests

In the SoundID app, there are options to take an A/B sound comparison test and a Hearing balance assessment for the app to create a SoundID profile based on your specific taste. Later on, you can either switch to a different sound profile or adjust and improve the sound comparison profile by retaking it.
















Take advantage of the CustomEQ feature to further tweak your sound profile. 


To switch between your profiles, go to the Devices tab and click on the Profile dropdown to be presented with your choices, select the profile you want to activate.













Check if your device requires additional setup

For some devices, you may need to adjust system settings mostly connected to battery optimization for SoundID to work smoothly in the background. For more details, see our guide here: My app does not work with SoundID


Article last updated: March 12, 2024

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