Using custom presets with multiple headphones

You can create multiple sound profiles to enhance your listening experience on any headphones you are using with the SoundID mobile app. 

Can I use my existing SoundID profile with other headphones?

Yes, you can! If you are using the app with multiple headphones, the sound transferability feature will ensure that your experience is matched with any SoundID supported headphones. Easily switch between headphones and enjoy your personalized sound as it will translate between headphones.


We know that no two headphone models are alike, even similar and apparently identical models will often differ significantly in their sound signature. For that reason, you might not get the exact same sound experience from the Preference test when switching to a different headphone model. However, this doesn't mean that you should retake the preference every time you change headphones. Instead, you can create your own custom EQ presets in the app to enhance your experience (see below)



Where to find and can I switch between presets? 

If you find that the Preference test results are not giving you the necessary sound experience on a different pair of headphones, take the advantage of our Custom EQ feature to create as many customized presets as you want and easily switch between them when needed. For creating custom presets, see our guide here: SoundID Advanced Parametric EQ


If your A/B sound comparison results don't provide the same sound experience as with another model of headphones, the Custom EQ allows you to customize your test results - cut some bass or enhance the mid-range - adjust the sound as you desire!


In addition, you can also build upon the flat profile (Studio Reference) option, giving you full control over the result you are looking for - boost bass or adjust the high-end - the customization choice is all yours! 


The demo tracks available in the app are all hi-resolution audio and while not all music genres are covered, the demo tracks serve as a useful preview of your customized sound.


You can easily switch between your custom presets by going to the 'My SoundID' section > click on 'Custom EQ'  and select the EQ preset you want to use.



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hi I have a question “” sound id effect on main device “” phone speaker ? 


Hi kamran tasdighi, thanks for your question!

The SoundID calibration effect will be applied on your mobile device's output, so if you don't have headphones connected, the effect will be applied to the phone speakers. We recommend using headphones as we have various supported models available and the personalization you utilize in the app will make for a better listening experience. 

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