SoundID enabled Corsair HS80 MAX WIRELESS

This guide will help you set up your SoundID profile with Corsair HS80 MAX WIRELESS headphones and covers the SoundID features.



Getting started with Corsair HS80 MAX WIRELESS

Corsair HS80 MAX WIRELESS headphones offer two connectivity options - Bluetooth and Wireless. The recommended connectivity option is with the Wireless Receiver as this will enable sound customization options in the iCUE software.


  • Download and install iCUE software
  • Connect the Wireless Receiver to the USB port
  • Power on the headphones by holding down the power button


NOTE! The first pairing process may require a computer reboot to install the latest firmware/software updates on your computer.

Connected view.png

Sound customization options

iCUE software offers two sound customization options - Equalizer and SoundID Personalization. The Equalizer feature offers 5 pre-made EQ presets or you can create your own custom 10-band EQ preset:


  • Pure Direct
  • Movie Theater
  • FPS Competition
  • Clear Chat
  • Bass Boost


SoundID Personalization

SoundID Personalization will provide a 5-minute test that combines results from two distinct evaluations: a hearing test and a preference test.

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Hearing test

The hearing test will conduct a series of test tones that will determine any hearing sensitivity. Left and right ears are treated individually and based on the results certain frequencies might be adjusted for the best balance and overall the best listening experience.

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Preference Test

The preference test will provide a choice of 7 demo tracks, select the one that resembles a music genre you're listening to. Otherwise, any demo track can be selected that you feel comfortable with.


During this test, switch between A/B comparisons to hear the difference. Select one that you like best. Press the arrow button to confirm and continue. By the end of the preference test, your choices will determine the personalized profile you have created.


SoundID Personalization can be turned on and off for comparison purposes or to switch back to the Equalizer presets.  If you feel that a personalized experience could be better, retake the test at any time. 

PT progress.png

Is My SoundID profile saved in the headphones?

No, your SoundID profile is being stored in the iCUE software (iCUE driver), when you close the iCUE window, the software is still working in the background and you can access it from the tray icon. If you quit the iCUE software from the tray icon, this will disable your SoundID profile. Once the iCUE software is launched, your SoundID profile will be loaded and ready for you to enjoy!


Can I add my personal Preference Test sample tracks? 

No, at the moment this functionality was not developed. The Preference Test will be based on the sample tracklist you see inside the app.

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