SoundID enabled Corsair HS65 SURROUND and Corsair HS65 WIRELESS

This guide will help you set up your SoundID profile with Corsair HS65 SURROUND and Corsair HS65 WIRELESS headphones.


Getting Started with Corsair HS65 SURROUND and CORSAIR HS65 WIRELESS

To begin, please connect your headset to the computer and wait for the driver to be installed on your machine. The iCUE software is required to control the headset. Once installed, the software will identify your headphone model and allow you to control the following options depending on the model you have:

  • Lighting Effects
  • Equalizer
  • SoundID Personalization
  • Device Settings
  • NVIDIA Broadcast technologies


SoundID Personalization

SoundID Personalization feature will allow you to take a Preference Test and based on your results a unique profile will be created to your liking. 

  • Select SoundID Personalization in the iCUE software
  • Start the Preference Test
  • Pick a sample track 
  • Choose A or B depending on what sounds better. Press the arrow to proceed to the next step


My SoundID 

With the Preference Test completed, you will be asked to playback some media and toggle 'My SoundID' option On/Off to hear the difference. 




NOTE: When you're using 'My SoundID' feature the Equalizer option will be disabled. To enable it, please turn off 'My SoundID' and click on the Equalizer feature inside the iCUE app.


Can I retake my Preference Test?

Yes, if you select the 'Tests' option, click on the 'Retake test' button and go through the Preference Test one more time.




Is My SoundID profile saved in the headphones?

No, your SoundID profile is being stored in the iCUE software (iCUE driver), when you close the iCUE window, the software is still working in the background and you can access it from the tray icon. If you quit the iCUE software from the tray icon, this will disable your SoundID profile. Once the iCUE software is launched, your SoundID profile will be loaded and ready for you to enjoy!

Can I add my personal Preference Test sample tracks? 

No, at the moment this functionality was not developed. The Preference Test will be based on the sample tracklist you see inside the app. 


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I there a way to extract the EQ curve or EQ values from Corsairs iCUE software?

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