SoundID and Schok Freedom Turbo XL

Elevate and personalize your listening experience by setting up with SoundID on your Schok device.



SoundID and Schok Freedom Turbo XL

We have partnered up with Schok to provide users with a SoundID experience on Schok Freedom Turbo XL. The SoundID app will come preinstalled on your new mobile device. You're one tap away from the SoundID experience. 

IMPORTANT! Make sure to update the SoundID app to the latest version for the best experience. Simply access Google Play and download/install the latest SoundID version available.



What is SoundID?




SoundID is our consumer product for music listeners. As a user, you will be able to create your personal SoundID profile and customize it to get your signature listening experience. To help you with your signature sound, the SoundID app will offer a sound comparison test, Hearing Test, and Custom EQ features. 


  • A/B Sound Comparison - Create your SoundID profile by completing quick sound preference tests
  • Hearing Test - Complete a series of tests to improve your listening experience
  • Custom EQ - Create or control your unique SoundID profile with our Advanced Parametric EQ



We understand how important it is to have a personalized experience when it comes to our favorite music. The SoundID app offers unbound creativity and each preset can be re-named to reflect your mood, music genre, or other useful information, so you know when a certain preset must be selected for the music you're about to enjoy. 





Supported Apps

SoundID works with apps that process sound - music and streaming services as well as podcast, video and social apps. SoundID currently focuses on non-gaming applications.
Launch your favorite app and enjoy the personalized listening experience provided by SoundID!











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