SoundID enabled DROP TWS1X Headphones

Get started with SoundID and your DROP TWS1X headphones and elevate your listening experience!



In this article:

  1. Connecting DROP TWS1X to the device
  2. SoundID app
  3. Connecting DROP TWS1X to SoundID
  4. Creating your personalized sound experience
  5. Custom EQ feature
  6. Playback and usage



Connecting DROP TWS1X to the device

  • Open the charging case, your earphone will power up automatically.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device, scan and select “DROP TWS1X” from the Bluetooth device list, and tap to connect. Once paired, the earphone will be added to the paired device list.














SoundID app

SoundID app is available in both Google Play Store and App Store. Download and install the app to proceed. Once done, please log in or register a profile. If you're stuck this article will help - Getting Started With SoundID.

  • Open your app store
  • Type in SoundID to search
  • Install the app











Connecting DROP TWS1X to SoundID

DROP TWS1X can save your personalized profile and allow you to experience personalized sound without the need to connect to the SoundID app once the initial set-up has been done.

  1. Launch SoundID
  2. Register or login
  3. Allow SoundID to access Location
  4. Go to the Devices tab
  5. Click on the headphone icon or on the image
  6. Click on the + Add button in the top right corner
  7. Search for the DROP TWS1X headphones
  8. Follow instructions to connect them to your user profile (make sure headphones are in range)



IMPORTANT! A firmware update is required when you've connected the headphones for the first time, you will see a notification and progress on a firmware update. Note that SoundID features won't work without the firmware update successfully installed.




Creating your personalized sound experience

Create your personalized sound experience through the Sound Preference Test and Hearing Test in the SoundID app. 

  • Once the headphones are connected, complete the Preference Test in
    order to create your SoundID Profile
  • When the test is finished, the app will automatically upload your
    personalized profile to your earphones and you’ll be able to
    experience personalized sound wherever you go
  • Under DROP TWS1X entry via Connect menu in-app you
    can toggle SoundID personalization On and Off
  • For further personalization, you can always return to the app and
    continue with more Preference and Hearing tests






Custom EQ feature

  • Make custom adjustments
  • Save the presets
  • Enjoy them on headphones



Take control into your hands with Advanced Parametric EQ.











Playback and usage

Once your unique personal profile is uploaded to headphones, it lives there all the time no matter where you connect your headphones and no matter what you listen to:

  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Watch movies
  • Play games
  • Connect to your favorite entertainment sources that support Bluetooth connectivity









In all these cases SoundID is with you at all times and you can always return to the SoundID app to personalize it even further.





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